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Creative Music Technology

Degree Show 2023

Welcome to the Creative Music Technology 2023 Degree Show. 

We’re excited to present a range of work developed by our students during this academic year.  There is a range of work on display, each graduating student has their own page and we’re excited to share work from our Level 4&5 students. 

We’re lucky to work with such a talented and engaging cohort and would like to wish our graduating student the very best of luck with all future endeavours.  We’re looking forward to seeing what you get up to next. 


Well done and thank you all,  

The Creative Music Technology Team 

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Caleb Morris

Caleb Morris is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer, singer/songwriter, and active Member of the Swansea based Alt Rock Band Dead Noize. Caleb specializes in Music Performance, such as Theatre and Ensembles, however, recently has dived into the Music Production World, becoming a resident engineer and Producer for artists such as Winter Sun, Daisy and Dead Noize. Caleb’s passion for music began back in 2012 playing the guitar, which took him to live music and performing. Having played in many venues, with artists and bands all over Wales, his passion only delved deeper when he moved to Swansea to Study Creative Music Technology in UWTSD, when his work in Music Production started. Recent work has mainly taken form in the production of Dead Noize’s music, and as one of the main composers for the band. With his more recent projects being, The Garden Sessions, and his up-and-coming album for his final project, as a producer for four different Welsh Artists, promoting original music.

Caleb Morris - Degree show

Caleb Morris - Degree show

Caleb Morris - Degree show
Daisy - Flight

Daisy - Flight

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Caleb Morris - Photograph

Caleb Morris - Photograph

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Caleb Morris   Dog Song

Caleb Morris Dog Song

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Dylan McCarthy

Known for blending the bright maximalist soundscapes of Asian pop with driving guitars and bass of frantic indie rock under the name Alpine Escape, and for marrying the elec- tronic genes of house and future funk with the alias AXALP, Sekomi: Official Soundtrack is McCarthy’s most ambitious project yet. Leaving behind his traditional workflows in favour of darker ambient soundscapes, heavier guitar-driven metal music and everything the world has to offer inbetween, Sekomi is his first foray into composing for video games and offers a more diverse and in-depth look into how he builds upon his musical and production creativity from the testing playground of his YouTube covers, which have col- lectively amassed over 25,000 views. Sekomi is an indie role-playing game made by a team of programmer/artist and com- poser. Set in Japan, it takes heavy inspi- ration from the Like A Dragon (formerly Yakuza) series of games and requires a similar level of (if not more) diverse range of music. The game will see som- bre string arrangements sitting next to jazz ensembles, contemporary synthscape ambience, from EDM with a strong Japanese influence in its compo- sition to a more head-on ethnic influ- ence with the traditional Chinese instru- ments blended with modern beats in the Chinatown music. The final boss in par- ticular features a return to the epic maxi- malist style of old, cramming in many el- ements to create the massive and epic score expected of cinematic orchestras in a more modern and creative environment. The full soundtrack, including instrumentals of vocal tracks and all minor tracks heard during world exploration, will be released worldwide alongside the game on all stream

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Ellis Mason

Ellis Mason divides his time between his two major projects, Dead Noize and his solo work as BADNIX. He is a creative force in both and the sole force behind BADNIX which is a stage persona he has held since 2020. Ellis began on Soundlcoud uploading bedroom recordings and after deleting them all in 2021 he moved to Spotify with his first major project ‘The Big Empty.’ Due to the dissatisfaction of working alone he joined up with uni friends and formed ‘Dead Noize’ which is a Swansea based rock band that he does 50% of the writing in.